Solarmutex Deadlock when Closing Calc which contains functions with XVolatileResult return values

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at
Thu Aug 9 03:50:10 PDT 2012

Hi there,

On Wed, 2012-08-08 at 11:34 -0700, anwen wrote:
> Although you told me that I could veto this termination signal by throwing
> TerminationVetoException. I am not sure how and where to handle the
> TerminationVetoException and re-call XDesktop.terminate() to finally
> close the office.

	Presumably you could spawn another thread to wait until you've finished
what you're doing and call XDesktop.terminate() later ?

> Since the SolarMutex is everywhere, do you have any suggestion to clear it
> for a while and give a chance  to close the worker thread ?

	In case things arn't tangled enough - you can release the SolarMutex in
your current thread and give another thread a chance to get in using
XToolkit's "reschedule" method. Whether that is likely to make your life
only yet more tangled is unclear to me ;-)

	Hope that helps,


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