[ANN] gerrit maildrop ready for testing

Bjoern Michaelsen bjoern.michaelsen at canonical.com
Fri Aug 10 01:55:28 PDT 2012


the gerrit maildrop is ready for early beta testing. To upload a patch to
master, attach your git-format-patch patch and send a mail with a subject
starting with '[PATCH]' to:

 gerrit at libreoffice.org

You patch should then be commited to master for review and you should get a
reply about it. If you want to upload a patch for another branch have the word
'branch' followed by the target branch in the subject. Example:

 [PATCH] heal the world for branch libreoffice-3-6

If you want to cherry-pick a commit (to a release-branch), start the subject
with '[CHERRYPICK]' and have to word 'commit' followed by the SHA to pick in
the subject:

 [CHERRYPICK] commit 8ec791316c1d90b25e85c94ad105e9cc62e568e2 for branch libreoffice-3-5

Additional words in the subject line and the body are ignored.

Please test vicously with your next patches, so the rough edges can be fixed
before we subject this on the general public.

The code lives at:


patches are most welcome (best via gerrit).



Known issues:
- currently only the core repo is a valid target
- cherry-pick doesnt rewrite the change-id, thus something reviewed on master
  cant yet be cherry-pick with this yet

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