[PATCH] fdo#39468 translate German comments in core/tools

Philipp Riemer ruderphilipp at gmail.com
Sun Aug 12 12:53:17 PDT 2012

Hey Oliver,

2012/8/12 Oliver Günther <mail at oliverguenther.de>:
> Hi,
> I finished translation all german comments in the core/tools folder.
> Please find the patch attached.
> Sorry for messing up with the whitespace, I was simply missing the approriate Vim highlights and git warnings.
> I hope the new patch is more conformant.
> Cheers,
> Oliver

I tried applying your patch. While this worked like a charm, I
realized some stuff (also citing mmeeks here):

Some of the original German comments are sometimes a bit cute / un-necessary:

//   class FooBaa         //

class FooBaa {

In that case you can delete the comment completely. If there is some
valueable info in "the box" than please remove all the ascii art and
just keep the pure commit content. Also the blank line between comment
and class definition is not needed.

In addition, feel free to clean-out redundant cruft like (can also be
completely removed):

// hole Beschreibung vom Objekt FooBaa
rtl::OUString FooBaa::getDescription()

A super plus would be if you could also format the patches to conform
to Doxygen style (see <http://doxygen.org/>) if they are in a header
(.hxx etc.) file. This means that one-liners have three slashes
(instead of two) and multi-line comments have a /** */ frame with
"@param" etc.

Sooooo, I am currently going through all the files and clean them up
as well before submitting your patch. Thus, please do not wonder why
it is still not integrated yet.


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