[Libreoffice] [GSoC 2012][svg export filter] Weekly Report #12

Marco Cecchetti mrcekets at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 07:53:46 PDT 2012

Hi everybody,
it follows my weekly report:

Report #12
Now bitmaps embedded into text shapes (such as bullet images) and
all types of bullet characters are displayed when a list item is
exported. An index of all text shapes present on a slide is
generated that will be used at a later time by the JavaScript
engine for performing operations on exported text shapes fastly.
Finally hyperlinks (TextField of URL type) are catched and

You can read more details on my project log book (week 12):

I attached a sample presentation. For testing selection/searching
features you need to utilize Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.

You can look at the source code in the feature branch:
feature/svg-export, that includes all new commits after the last
master branch merging.

Be aware that there is still a lot of debugging code in the
current implementation and a good amount of tracing info is
present in the exported svg document too.

What left ?
1- date/time, footer and page number text fields on master page are
    not yet displayed with the new layout of exported text shapes;

2- animation involving text paragraph;

3- selecting text causes to switch automatically to the next slide;

4- text decorations (underline, strike-through) are not yet supported;

5- adjusting text when the font used is not the one required;

6- shadowed, outlined, embossed and engraved text is not supported;

7- exporting embedded svg image natively, without transforming them
    into a bitmap and back.

I'll spend the last gsoc week in providing as much as possible of
the above features. Any preference ?

-- Marco

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