another 3.6.0beta2 build error

Tomáš Chvátal tomas.chvatal at
Wed Aug 15 10:17:45 PDT 2012

2012/6/25 Michael Meeks <michael.meeks at>:
> Hi Andreas,
> On Sun, 2012-06-24 at 11:10 +0200, Andreas Radke wrote:
>> In file included from /build/src/libreoffice-core-
>> /build/src/libreoffice-core- fatal error: sfx2/ctrlitem.hxx: No such file or directory
>> compilation terminated.
>         Yes - this is indeed annoying; I too had this bug - and I have -no-
> idea how the avmedia module can end up with stale files lying around in
> the source code that contain this sort of include.
>         I had it when I switched my compiled git tree between branches.
>> What has changed here? Somehow the source is not copied:
>         I -think- the problem is that we are compiling a file that happens to
> be left lying around in the git tree - despite not being used anymore -
> perhaps it is a generated file, referred to by a (now obsolete)
> dependency file (or somesuch).
>         The solution is to build from a clean workdir & solver I think (sadly);
> so
>         make clean
>         rm -Rf workdir solver
>         make
Okey guys, this bug is back on release version [1]. And we can be sure
those lads do not have stray git files :-)

Any ideas&solutions?




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