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Michael Meeks michael.meeks at
Thu Aug 16 03:04:27 PDT 2012

On Wed, 2012-08-15 at 09:35 +0200, Lennard Wasserthal wrote:
> I publish my patch
> under the terms of the LGPLv3+ and MPL dual license.
> An next time I will write it directly to avoid unnecessary mails.

	Thanks for your contribution ! :-) it's simply brilliant to have people
working on bug fixing and improving the product.

	As for the boring paper-work; it makes my life -significantly- easier,
if instead of having to track and associated an archived license
statement per-patch; you could give a blanket license statement. This is
what linkage into:

	is really for - see some of the samples there; Cedric - please don't
link single license statements into there without some annotation "just
one patch" or something - otherwise reviewers can get confused. Of
course, I check all the links there as I build my database but ... ;-)

	Anyhow - excited by the contribution, and looking forward to your
next ! :-)

	All the best,


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