[GSOC-UPDATE](16.08) Impress Remote -- Bluetooth

Andrzej J. R. Hunt andrzej at ahunt.org
Thu Aug 16 13:54:34 PDT 2012

Hi everyone,

Today I started work on the bluetooth code, specifically on the linux 
server code.

I'm basing most of my code on what is done in the bluecove library (APL, 
written in Java with some C). I.e. most things go via dbus, and the C 
sockets API is used for actual communication (I believe Android uses the 
same methodology internally).

I have had two issues:

- Linking against glib: specifically I'm using the gio portion of glib 
for dbus: in the makefile I need to add gtk in the use_externals part of 
the makefile, having only glib causes linking to fail. Is this expected?

- Including the bluez headers: (I've initially used pkg-config to 
include them -- I still need to look into how I would include them 
correctly). These headers are part of bluez, and have GPL notices -- I 
am however only using them for structs and constants, and not linking, 
as is done both for Android and for Bluecove. The Android sources 
include "cleaned" headers, which can be found e.g. here: 
. Would it be worth including these headers in the LO sources, to save 
the need to install the appropriate library to compile LO 
(bluez-libs-devel on fedora)? I'm assuming that the android & bluecove 
interpretation is correct and I can still use these without GPL issues?



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