[GSOC-UDPATE](17.08) Impress Remote

Andrzej J. R. Hunt andrzej at ahunt.org
Fri Aug 17 12:33:33 PDT 2012

Hi everyone,

I finally managed to get dbus control of bluetooth working today, and 
started working on the actual communication -- the Android code seems to 
be functional, and successfully pairs with my laptop, however I'm 
currently getting a connection refused when opening a socket, which I'm 
still debugging, but I suspect is due to misconfiguration on the LO side.

One issue is powering up bluetooth on Android: documentation insists 
that you ask the user to switch on bluetooth: one option is to add an 
item "Search for Bluetooth" devices on the selection screen which does 
this, or alternatively to just ask the user every single time the app is 
started. On a related note, I assume it's worth adding an "Add computer 
manually" item to the same screen for cases where server discovery 
doesn't work (e.g. if the router doesn't pass on multicast packets).

If it's ok with everyone I'm going to include cleaned bluetooth headers, 
from android, in the source tree to avoid the need for installing a 
library which isn't actually linked or used. (Headers viewable 

(I haven't pushed any of the code yet because it would probably break 
the tinderboxes due to the missing bluetooth headers.)

Assuming tests on my home network go fine I should publish a first apk 
this coming Monday, when I'll do the last bits of transitioning to ABS.



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