Few notes about optimizing files (Windows OS)

ape os2sa at yandex.ru
Sun Aug 19 00:27:47 PDT 2012

Hi all!

Few notes about optimizing files that are loaded into RAM at startup

1. Icons of executable files contain extra pictures the size of 128 by 128
pixels. Desktop environment of operating systems Windows XP-7 don’t need
these pictures. Best appearance requires that icons contain pictures size 20
at 20 pixels (for Windows XP: 120% or 120 dpi) and 24 on 24 pixel (for
Windows 7: 150% or 144 dpi). Changing these resources reduces the size of
executable files from 50 to 40 kilobytes.

2. The file “soffice.bin” is loaded into RAM, but serves an additional
function: it shows the file icons in Explorer. Propose to entrust this
function to an additional file "loicons.dll" which will not be loaded into
RAM when running LibreOffice. This solution makes it possible to compile
file "soffice.bin" only with the necessary icons and reduces the file size
from 680 to 96 kilobytes.

3. The Windows operating system does not assign icons of text documents,
spreadsheets, presentations or databases. This makes the program that opens
files. Icons for ODF files and Microsoft’s documents appear identically
because of this reason. File size "soffice.bin" will grow, if you eliminate
this problem. Consequently, program’s startup time will increase too. It's
not going to happen, if the program will have a separate library of icons
(loicons.dll) for Windows Explorer.

I don't know programming and use the resource editor for this purpose. Files
(LibO-3.7.0_alpha+) that allow you to check my notes are attached. I can
explain the purpose of each of the icons contained in the files, and publish
all PNG images here, if someone will fix the code.

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