REMINDER: Release 3.6.0-rc2 from libreoffice-3-6-1 branch

ape os2sa at
Wed Aug 22 21:34:31 PDT 2012

Hi, Petr!

I watched today the latest builds for Windows:

The file "libreoffice-3-6~..._build_info.txt" wrote:
 checking the Version of Microsoft C/C++ Compiler... found compiler version
001500003072 (MSVS 2008)

Files "soffice.bin.manifest"; "s{program's_name}.exe" (content - "Manifest")
 <assemblyIdentity type='win32' name='Microsoft.VC90.CRT'

This is not critical, but still a mistake. "MSVCR-2008 (9.0.21022.8)", and
not "MSVCR-2008sp1 (9.0.30729.17)", you must have in folders 
"${ORIGIN}/program /.." and "${ORIGIN}/URE/bin/..", if it's not installed on
the system.

Note: this is also true for LibreOffice-3.7.0
Best regards!

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