tail_build fail on missing includes

Tomáš Chvátal tomas.chvatal at gmail.com
Thu Aug 23 11:38:57 PDT 2012

Hi guys,
as I wrote once already we in Gentoo are experiencing weird build
crash which happen on some setups, It took me some time but I managed
to get reproducer and do some thoughts about it..

Firstly the error is triggered by the configure command in the above
build.log file. I am not exactly sure why the deps are not picked by
gbuild but when I fiddled with it and added the direct dep over
sfx2_inc the code built bit further and again it died on missing
svtools_inc. When that worked it proceeded to another module, where it
again failed on some missing includes. This leads me to conclusion
that there must be something systematic wrong.

There is no gcc/make/autotools version to blame as it is possible to
reproduce with stable system up to experimental machines with

So for now I have no clue how to fix it and I would really welcome any
help for it because this could rate as most annoying bug for Gentoo as
1/3rd of users are hit by this stuff... I have it reproducing machine
at work so anyone from us SUSErs can give me help without much


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