No output from ./ --help and other getting started issues (Ubuntu)

B.J. Herbison bj at
Fri Aug 24 02:47:04 PDT 2012

I'm trying to learn how to debug LibreOffice because of bug 53839 and I'm
having problems following the instructions from .

Current blocker: After the following commands:
  $ git clone git:// libo
  $ cd libo
  $ ./ --help
no output is produced from because ./configure does not exist in
the libo directory. What step did I miss?

Issue 2:
gives information for Natty, are there different instructions for Precise? I
presume so as the current instructions don't even install git.

Issue 3: The Libux dependency page says "Get upstream Junit at ...". OK, I
got the file, what do I do now? I presume it needs to go somewhere other
than my downloads directory.

I'll update the wiki with information I receive, then get on figuring out
why 3.6 crashes when I try to add a row to my spreadsheet.

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