[GSoC] testing - The Summation

Artur Dorda artur.dorda at gmail.com
Fri Aug 24 18:31:48 PDT 2012

Hello everybody,

It's the end of the official GSoC part and the time to say a few words
about my impressions, and the rest.

I am... lucky and I had a great pleasure, being able to work on
LibreOffice during this year's Google Summer of Code.
The experience, which was truly priceless.

I think the most important reason, why I had a great time coding was
my pair of mentors - Markus Mohrhard and Michael Stahl. Please have a
standing ovation for them, for the great skills, knowledge, help and
patience they have. Chapeau bas!
Michael, Markus, thank you guys, for all of that. It was a real
pleasure and honor to work with you. I hope we will be able to
continue the cooperation in the future.

At first, having to work with such a huge project was a little bit
overwhelming. But, as I was working, I was getting used to it. Exactly
what Markus had said before the official start - "you'll get used to
I have gained priceless experience, working in your big team, in such
a huge open-source project. It's a great thing to do. Contributing to
the open-source, useful software. I recommend you to try this some
day, it's fun.

Everybody around here was nice and helpful, either on the IRC channel
or this mailing list.
Thank you, everyone who has helped me or has just been nice :)

So... see you around, as I will willingly and happily continue
developing LibreOffice.

P.S. Oh, and I hope my work has some use for you ;-)

Best regards,

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