[Bug 44446] LibreOffice 3.6 most annoying bugs

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Roman Eisele <bugs at eikota.de> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
         Depends on|                            |54023

--- Comment #94 from Roman Eisele <bugs at eikota.de> 2012-08-25 07:26:46 UTC ---
Added bug 54023 -- CRASH on launch when loading local libiconv.2.dylib
("liblangtag.0.dylib requires version 8.0.0 or later, but libiconv.2.dylib
provides version 7.0")

I can’t confirm this bug at the moment (download problems), but if it is
reproducible (and there is little doubt that it will be), this is a blocker,
because it makes testing the master build impossible.

Does somebody know which developer knows best about liblangtag, and therefore
should be CC’ed about this bug?

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