Remove unused ooo icons intended for OS X

Nicholas Shanks nickshanks at
Sat Aug 25 03:24:48 PDT 2012

These icons aren't used or needed:

git rm sysui/desktop/icons/base.icns
git rm sysui/desktop/icons/calc.icns
git rm sysui/desktop/icons/configuration.icns
git rm sysui/desktop/icons/draw.icns
git rm sysui/desktop/icons/impress.icns
git rm sysui/desktop/icons/macro.icns
git rm sysui/desktop/icons/math.icns
git rm sysui/desktop/icons/oasis-chart.icns
git rm sysui/desktop/icons/open.icns
git rm sysui/desktop/icons/printer.icns
git rm sysui/desktop/icons/writer.icns

I do not know if the build and packaging process needs to be modified once they are gone, as I don't know where to look and cannot successfully build LO, however I have verified that none of these icons are shipped in the current TDF distribution, nor are they referred to by the Info.plist file (which is how Mac OS X specifies relationships between file types and icons, I don't know if this file is distribution‐specific), therefore they are just dead files in the repository.

For those who cannot view icns resources, and in case the list scrubs my attached screenshot, I shall describe them:
They all have two birds on them. "open.icns" is a yellow Windows folder icon with blue birds, containing a 128px image which is just a 48px image enlarged using a horrendous interpolation algorithm, a 32px version which has a corrupt alpha channel, and a 16px icon that looks like a Windows folder with two blue slashes across it, that are not recognisable as birds. (also "looking like a Windows folder" means "looks alien to my system".) This appears to be the oldest icon.
"oasis‐chart.icns" is a document icon with a wavy left edge, turned upper‐right corner, and white birds. Again it's 32px component has a corrupt alpha channel, and the 128px component is a blown‐up version of a 48px icon, though the algorithm used this time sucks a little less. I think this is newer than open.icns, but is the second oldest‐looking.
"configuration.icns" and "printer.icns" are similar to oasis‐chart.icns in regards to the image quality (48px blown up, corrupt alpha at 32px), but have a straight left edge, blue wavy region on the left, and wavy right edge. The blue area is wide and the birds do not extend beyond it's left edge. I think these are third‐oldest.
The rest of the files look like the most modern of the remaining ooo icons, straight left edge, narrow blue wavy region on the left with birds extending over, and wavy right edge. The wave is flipped vertically with respect to configuration.icns and printer.icns, with the wide portion at the bottom. "macro.icns" is a document icon (narrower blue area, straight right edge and turned corner), the others in this group are all app icons (sharp top‐right corner, rounded left corners, wavy right edge). These are all nice‐looking 128px icons with good alpha.

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