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Stefan Knorr (Astron) heinzlesspam at
Tue Aug 28 07:19:42 PDT 2012

Hi Nicholas,

I am taking the liberty to add the design list into CC here...


On 27 August 2012 16:58, Nicholas Shanks <nickshanks at> wrote:
> Since I am unable to compile LO, I figured I would work on the artwork a bit.
> I noticed that the Windows .ico files included a 256px icon, and that
> there were 256px icons in PNG form in the tree, yet the Mac icons were
> only provided up to 128px in size.
> So I have created revised versions of the
> sysui/desktop/icons/oasis-*.icns files, derived directly from the PNG
> files.
> The Mac icon format also supports 512x512 and 1024x1024 sized icons,
> so I have generated PNGs for these sizes and included them in the icns
> files. (512px is used for the iTunes‐like carousel view called Cover
> Flow, and 1024 is used for the same on high pixel density displays.)
> These additional sizes add 2MB to the Mac distribution over the icns
> files with just 256 added (not attached), which itself adds very
> little due to better compression than the files currently in the tree.
> The LO Mac distribution is already 640 MB so I figured another two to
> make it look spiffy wouldn't hurt. If anyone objects though I can
> re‐send with just 256 or just 512 included.
> If you extract the attached tape archive into the sysui/desktop/
> directory everything should be placed in the correct location.
> I have NOT created equivalents for the OOo 1.0 and Microsoft file
> formats because I think LO is wrong to use identical icons for them. I
> will prepare new icons for all platforms which have the LibreOffice
> document branding (detached upper right corner and tinted thick
> border) but with elements that allow users to identify the file format
> too, so that a user can see directly from the icon that "oh, this is a
> Microsoft Word document, but double‐clicking it will open the file in
> LibreOffice".
> I also intend to create a new extension icon, the predominant shape of
> which will be like the current one, but rotated 90° clockwise and with
> the upper right corner detached, and a thick grey border and plain
> white interior (no green plus). I will try to make it suck less in
> appearance too, using main.svg as a starting point.
> I also have some ideas for the main application icon (which currently
> looks like a blank document, not an application). I think taking the
> brown, yellow, green, blue and purple triangles used to identify the
> main document types and arranging them radially in a circle 60° apart
> from one another would look good. This motif would then be placed in a
> square, rather than a rectangle, and adhere to platform conventions
> for the appearance of applications, e.g. 0° for Windows, 30° for Mac &
> Gnome, 45° for BeOS etc. Sound good?
> --
> Nicholas.
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