Regression in isHidden-Property of Frames

Andor E eymux2009 at
Wed Aug 29 05:50:58 PDT 2012

We're currently in the process of switching from 3.2.1
to LibreOffice. As a part of this, we're testing our extension WollMux
( with LO.
During these tests we found a change in the behaviour of the
isHidden-Property of frames.
We're using a to listen to the
onViewCreated-Event. We then test, if the document is visible, and
only then WollMux will process the document.
In OOo 3.2.1 a new document created with File/New would have isHidden
== false. In LO the document now returns isHidden == true.
I have searched in the sources of LO and found a change in
./framework/source/services/frame.cxx. This was introduced with the
commit 	74ffe76476d5b8941454a2acce569737237fc1d7.
I believe that this change is wrong and should be reverted. Before the
change isHidden represented the intended state of a frame. A document
that was openened hidden, returned hidden. A document opened visible
returned not hidden. Now it will always return isHidden == true. If
this isn't changed back,  there needs to be another property to check
the intended visibilty.


Andor Ertsey

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