Adding hyphenation patterns for Swedish

Petr Mladek pmladek at
Mon Dec 3 03:25:56 PST 2012

Niklas Johansson píše v Ne 02. 12. 2012 v 21:07 +0100:
> I thought I would add Swedish hyphenation patterns to the next release
> of LibreOffice. The plan was to do it together with an update of the
> spelling dictionary that is planed in mid January.

Sounds great.

> Since Swedish doesn't have any patterns bundled today, will there be
> any problems with the feature freeze? Or will it be possible to add it
> together with the update of the spelling dictionary?

It should not be a problem. We are less strict in this area. I am not
aware about any breakage or regression caused by updating or adding a

We are looking forward to update and add the dictionary.

Best Regards,

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