opinions on additional calc functions

tino ttk448 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 14:37:55 PST 2012

> > but I must be missing something?
> you are missing the wonder that is scp2 :-/
> that is the thing which defines which files end up where in the
> installation; if you don't add it there it won't be installed.

Haha, brilliant thanks, that helped a lot!

I've submitted my changes via gerrit, hope I've not made any more
silly mistakes.

> Given that Gnumeric already implemented or will implement the functions
> I would strictly follow them for interoperability. You can have the

I haven't actually implemented any function which is already in
Gnumeric, but I'm following their pattern of parameters inputs in so
far as to use one character to identify things like "p"ut or "c"all.
I've also extended this to the optional "greek" parameter which now
also takes char inputs (but accepts full strings also, e.g. "d" and
"delta", "g" and "gamma", etc).

I've also got an example/test spreadsheet, but didn't quite know where
to put it.

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