Reworking the MSVC-related build options

David Ostrovsky d.ostrovsky at
Tue Dec 4 12:37:13 PST 2012

Am 04.12.2012 21:16, schrieb Mat M:
> Le Tue, 04 Dec 2012 07:24:18 +0100, Tor Lillqvist <tml at> a écrit:
>>>> --directx-home
>>> Well, you can find it in registry, but there is no standard variable 
>>> that
>>> points to it.
>> But oowintool manages to find it, so it can't be impossible? Or is
>> that just some versions of the DirectX SDK? As the latest DirectX SDK
>> seems to be the June 2010 one, isn't it, could one assume that
>> everybody should have that by now?
No, you can't. One can only install DirectX SDK if windows is activated.
So please don't break free tool chain on windows:

* non activated windows
* express VS (2008 and 2010 for now)
* without 64 bit extension (non available on express version)
* without DirectX SDK

>> (Is that really the latest? Has
>> that technology then been merged into something else SDK-wise?)
> oowintool provides nothing to this regard currently. We define the 
> argument for it.
> I tried to find a way to find it, but found none.
never used it actually.


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