[ANNOUNCE] libreoffice- tag created

Petr Mladek pmladek at suse.cz
Wed Dec 5 09:31:17 PST 2012


there have been created the libreoffice- tag. The
corresponding official builds will be available within next few days.

See the attached list of changes against[*]
See also http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/ReleaseNotes/4.0

Now, you might switch your current 4-0 source tree to it using:

./g fetch --tags
./g checkout -b tag-libreoffice- libreoffice-

Linux distro packages might find source tarballs at
They will be available from the official page together with the builds.

See also the schedule at http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/ReleasePlan#4.0_release
and release criteria at http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Release_Criteria

Best Regards,

[*] I am going to upload the list of changes against tomorrow. It is a
long list and it takes quite some time to filter cherry-picked commits
and get list of bugzilla entries even by a script :-)

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* {{bnc|758138}} Slide Show Settings - Presentation Display: All Displays only uses primary [Luboš Luňák]
* {{bnc|782833}} (PPT) Fix font size at end of para. [Muthu Subramanian]
* {{bnc|791731}} fix for preserve cell formatting of datapilot area ( [Noel Power]
* {{fdo#|38838}} Removal/Replacement of the String/UniString with OUString once and for all. [Ricardo Montania]
* {{fdo|31405}} Connecting a SQL query to a form letter without using the mailing wizard [Lionel Elie Mamane]
* {{fdo|33150}} [Task]: Remove OOo & obsolete references from WikiHelp LocalHelp [Andras Timar]
* {{fdo|33477}} com.sun.star.text.CellProperties.VertOrient do not work [Michael Meeks]
* {{fdo|34897}} FILESAVE as .ppt mis-rotates text [Lennard]
* {{fdo|36379}} EDITING , FORMATTING: Conditional Formatting formula changed by LibO & OOo [Markus Mohrhard]
* {{fdo|37954}} EDITING Writer AutoSpellcheck flags capitalized words as misspelled despite being added lowercase in the custom dictionary [László Németh]
* {{fdo|38838}} Removal/Replacement of the String/UniString with OUString once and for all. [Ricardo Montania]
* {{fdo|40097}} FILESAVE Cross-references and TOC links broken in XHTML export [Peter Jentsch]
* {{fdo|40339}} line style toolbar dropdown list not updated [Ivan Timofeev]
* {{fdo|41554}} FILEOPEN WinWord6 file cannot be opened [Caolán McNamara]
* {{fdo|42070}} RTL support in broken in presenter Console extension [Faisal M. Al-Otaibi, Stephan Bergmann]
* {{fdo|42165}} EDITING: Two left joins do not work in graphic design of a query [Lionel Elie Mamane]
* {{fdo|42260}} CPU 100% on switched off AutoCalculate with Conditional Formatting on date values [Markus Mohrhard]
* {{fdo|42577}} RTL UI toolbar view mirrored (docking and expand at the wrong side) when Insert Object Formula [Abdulmajeed Al-Abaulrazzaq]
* {{fdo|43869}} Paste special as RTF inserted at wrong position, undo stack damaged [Miklos Vajna]
* {{fdo|43901}} RTL Toolbar icons order becomes opposite when in OLE object edit mode [Abdulmajeed Al-Abaulrazzaq]
* {{fdo|44664}} cups landscape woes with pdf: printer truncates Landscape orientation pages to Portrait dimensions [Caolán McNamara]
* {{fdo|44736}} FILEOPEN: Loading RTF files is slow in comparison with LibO 3.4.4 (part of closed bug #44157) [Miklos Vajna]
* {{fdo|45495}} FILEOPEN .pptx: rotated object shown without rotation [Lennard]
* {{fdo|45651}} : Dark GTK themes still wrong [Ivan Timofeev]
* {{fdo|46808}} Adapt UNO services to new-style [Bjoern Michaelsen, Noel Grandin, Stephan Bergmann]
* {{fdo|48312}} Performance regression in LibreOffice spreadsheet 3.5.2 vs. 3.4.5 [Markus Mohrhard]
* {{fdo|48317}} EDITING: FEATURE REQUEST: Go to next/previous change [Muhammad Haggag]
* {{fdo|48601}} FILEOPEN: Open Visio's file with bitmap's blocks [Fridrich Štrba]
* {{fdo|48870}} kill the cookies [Michael Stahl]
* {{fdo|48970}} EDITING Conditional Formatting: Absolute references not fitted [Markus Mohrhard]
* {{fdo|49704}} UI: Calc usability improvement: Unmerge cells on right mouse click [Laurent Godard]
* {{fdo|50163}} move definition of PLATFORMID into configure.in [Andras Timar]
* {{fdo|50539}} FILEOPEN: RTF file opens with black letters and black background [Miklos Vajna]
* {{fdo|51304}} dung out bogus boilerplate [José Guilherme Vanz]
* {{fdo|51576}} LibreOffice help: Please improve description for "paragraph character" regular expression in "List of Regular Expressions" [Andras Timar]
* {{fdo|51588}} UI: Conditional formatting : Style list not sorted [Markus Mohrhard]
* {{fdo|52182}} cannot put cursor into frames with Wrap "In Background" [Cédric Bosdonnat]
* {{fdo|52475}} FILEOPEN: RTF file shows wrong character background (highlight) color [Miklos Vajna]
* {{fdo|52640}} FORMATTING : tabstops malfunction in Draw and Impress [David Tardon]
* {{fdo|52988}} LOCALHELP for Database ReportBuilder Extension wrong, can not be installed [Andras Timar]
* {{fdo|53006}} Autocorrection TWo INitial CApitals does not work because of bundled extensions problem [Stephan Bergmann]
* {{fdo|53902}} WIKIHELP: "Send feedback" item is missing on online help documentation: [Andras Timar]
* {{fdo|53909}} FILEOPEN Word 97-2003 DOC structure as exported by apple pages is not recognized [Caolán McNamara]
* {{fdo|54473}} FILEOPEN DATALOSS: RTF import replaces all custom character styles by "Default", using local formatting instead of character styles [Miklos Vajna]
* {{fdo|54940}} EDITING: CONDITIONAL FORMATTING, Manage window could show the real conditions for all CF ranges, with relative ranges in the formula. [Michael Meeks]
* {{fdo|55174}} Calc IMPORT: crash during opening of xlsx document [backtrace with symbols attached [Markus Mohrhard]
* {{fdo|55379}} FILEOPEN CRASH for particular .ods [Markus Mohrhard]
* {{fdo|55417}} FILESAVE: export to xlsx of cell with cell style that has alignment fails [Noel Power]
* {{fdo|55418}} FILESAVE: re-exported xlsx cells with cell style results in corrupted cell styles [Noel Power]
* {{fdo|55435}} build fails with internal liborcus and system boost >= 1.50 [David Tardon]
* {{fdo|55610}} FILESAVE: CRASH when exporting particular .odt to XHTML [Peter Jentsch]
* {{fdo|55660}} WIKIHELP <font ...> tag is parsed instead of taken literally [Andras Timar]
* {{fdo|55909}} LOCALHELP for Date Acceptance Patterns missing [Andras Timar]
* {{fdo|55952}} [KDE/QT]Checkbox background grey. [Ivan Timofeev]
* {{fdo|56103}} LOCALHELP: Wrong description for Format - Position and Size - Fit ... to text [Andras Timar]
* {{fdo|56412}} RTL UI: Movement of embedded objects is opposite to the change direction [Abdulmajeed Al-Abaulrazzaq]
* {{fdo|56513}} Regression: Second header/footer of section lost during FILESAVE as .doc [Luke Deller]
* {{fdo|56549}} CRASH in menu 'Format → Autocorrect → Apply and Edit Changes' [Caolán McNamara]
* {{fdo|56595}} FILESAVE: ToC links broken in xhtml export - hrefs start with bogus './' [Peter Jentsch]
* {{fdo|56596}} FILESAVE: huge excesses of white space in xhtml export due to 'padding: 100%' in some CSS s... [Peter Jentsch]
* {{fdo|56598}} FILESAVE: no whitespace between subsection numbers and titles in XHTML export [Peter Jentsch]
* {{fdo|56726}} HTML Compatibility for obsolete "Netscape Navigator" [Rob Snelders]
* {{fdo|56742}} conditional formatings got lost in copyed spreadsheet after fileclose [Markus Mohrhard]
* {{fdo|56877}} FILEOPEN CRASH when "registrymodifications.xcu" contains an entry about "RecentlyUsedMasterPages" to be loaded from a file which does not exist [Rob Snelders]
* {{fdo|56882}} Font list is unsorted in 'insert special character' dialog [Caolán McNamara]
* {{fdo|56902}} Kill off in-tree (ancient) mozilla copy [Mathias Michel]
* {{fdo|56980}} EDITING: Custom shape becomes text field or disappears when editing text or color from saved file [David Tardon]
* {{fdo|57050}} Conditional formatting after AUTOFILL is lost when the file is reopened [Markus Mohrhard]
* {{fdo|57107}} uiex extracts some strings twice [Caolán McNamara]
* {{fdo|57133}} FILEOPEN RTF DATALOSS: Character style is ignored when semicolon after "\stylesheet" is absent [Miklos Vajna]
* {{fdo|57215}} Wrong text rotation in SVG Export (rotated text appears as non-rotated) [Horacio Fernandes]
* {{fdo|57227}} LOCALHELP: wrong for Spell Check 'Ignore All' [Andras Timar]
* {{fdo|57236}} CRASH when FILESAVE .doc as .html [Caolán McNamara]
* {{fdo|57285}} Address Book Data Source Wizard lists "Mac OS X address book" on Linux [David Ostrovsky]
* {{fdo|57353}} EMF import prob - EMR_MOVETOEX does not always create new subpath [Thorsten Behrens]
* {{fdo|57421}} LOCALHELP too imprecise for Macro Recording [Andras Timar]
* {{fdo|57451}} FILEOPEN: CRASH when FILEOPEN .xlsx [Markus Mohrhard]
* {{fdo|57461}} false positives in grammar checking (Lightproof–Hunspell synchronization/cache problem) [László Németh]
* {{fdo|57472}} Tabbed dialogs not erasing backgrounds [Ivan Timofeev]
* {{fdo|57483}} Remove obsoleted “Check Capitalization” [László Németh]
* {{fdo|57499}} Word Count: ugly and unreadable numbers when writing while the window is open [Ivan Timofeev]
* {{fdo|57500}} EDITING: CRASH when manage conditional formatting - double click range [Markus Mohrhard]
* {{fdo|57515}} Crash when creating a Table of Contents [Julien Nabet]
* {{fdo|57532}} FILEOPEN: Regression: Some MS Word 97 Files won't open in LibreOffice and (worked in [Caolán McNamara]
* {{fdo|57538}} FILESAVE: right justified tables get set on left margin in XHTML export [Peter Jentsch]
* {{fdo|57553}} EDITING: On computer without JRE, Picture dialog shows: JRE required and freezes after OK [Michael Stahl]
* {{fdo|57575}} Hairline borders not properly exported to xhtml [Peter Jentsch]
* {{fdo|57611}} report builder design mode CRASH on change FixedLine height to zero [Lionel Elie Mamane]
* {{fdo|57640}} Auto capitalization for letters dž lj nj dz wrong [Caolán McNamara]
* {{fdo|57641}} FILESAVE: "From Left" tables get set on left margin in XHTML export [Peter Jentsch]
* {{fdo|57647}} FILESAVE: intradocument xrefs broken in XHTML export [Peter Jentsch]
* {{fdo|57655}} com::sun::star::beans::PropertyAttribute::CONSTRAINED description false [Stephan Bergmann]
* {{fdo|57668}} CONFIGURATION: Turkish Date Acceptance Format in LibreOffice Calc [Eike Rathke]
* {{fdo|57696}} UI: "Tools - Bibliography Database" does nothing [Stephan Bergmann]
* {{fdo|57708}} FILEOPEN: Crystal reports RTF missing picture and wrong pagination [Miklos Vajna]
* {{fdo|57836}} Basic IDE: crashes after starting script (::com::sun::star::frame:: interface XStorable method store() ) [bt with symbols attached] [Noel Power]
* {{i|103539}} Inserting file in writer document inserts content as "hidden" [Michael Stahl]
* {{i|103878}} WW8: every export-import-cycle process add a character style "WW-Absatz-StandardSchriftartX" [Michael Meeks]
* {{i|106749}} WW8: new page style via table format not exported [Luke Deller]
* {{i|108860}} Validation can't work correctly. [Michael Meeks]
* {{i|109800}} hang on generated xls file (early version work correctly) [Daniel Rentz [dr]]
* {{i|110321}} Printing handouts prints one page (empty) too much [Ocke.Janssen]
* {{i|110990}} fullscreen presentation on all monitors is broken [Andre Fische]
* {{i|112034}} comment can not be deleted with cell in copied sheet [Niklas Nebel]
* {{i|113063}} svx: dubious self-assign in svx/source/dialog/framelink.cxx [Michael Meeks]
* {{i|113183}} COUNTIF in a linked document when the condition is a digital string [Eike Rathke [er]]
* {{i|114511}} Data loss in a hidden formula cell [Niklas Nebel]
* {{i|114669}} forms/qa/unoapi forms.OListBoxControl crash [Michael Meeks]
* {{i|114718}} forms/qa/unoapi: crash in remote async release call [Michael Meeks]
* {{i|114725}} Error: <SwDoc::createListForListStyle(..)> - a list for the provided list style name already exists. Serious defect [Michael Meeks]
* {{i|114732}} Error: AccessibleEventNotifier::implLookupClient: invalid client id (did you register your client?)! [Andre Fische]
* {{i|115688}} Crash when hitting Ctrl-Shft-F10 with focus on task pane [Andre Fische]
* {{i|115828}} [non-pro] assertion "no default list id found" in SwXNumberingRules [Michael Meeks]
* {{i|116339}} OOo freezes for minutes on slide change [Andre Fische]
* {{i|116420}} com.sun.star.text.CellProperties.VertOrient do not work [Michael Meeks]
* {{i|116915}} osl_getSystemPathFromFileURL leaks rtl_uStrings [Michael Meeks]
* {{i|116936}} VBA Cells.Select fails in Calc 3.3, worked in 3.2 [Michael Meeks]
* {{i|116940}} c.s.s.sheet.XExternalDocLink container is bugged [Niklas Nebel]
* {{i|116981}} rtl/source/bootstrap.cxx does not clean up memory [Michael Meeks]
* {{i|117315}} Vertical alignment is wrong with merged cells [Niklas Nebel]
* {{i|117392}} VBA support no longer working [Daniel Rentz [dr]]
* {{i|117459}} integration.forms.XMLFormSettings breaks [Frank Schoenheit [fs]]
* {{i|117493}} mingw port of i109096 [tono]
* {{i|117507}} XForms: submission to xml file create empty file [Frank Schoenheit [fs]]
* {{i|117511}} oox: Remove assertions occuring while loading XLSX/XLSB test documents [Daniel Rentz [dr]]
* {{i|117552}} REGRESSION: Slow opening of a Flat Text Database in DataSource Browser [Ocke Janssen [oj]]
* {{i|117699}} Closing a certain .sxw (StarWriter5) document crashes [Michael Meeks]
* {{i|117701}} sw module compiles with warning and breaks in xmlitemm.cxx [Kurt Zenker]
* {{i|117712}} Several assertions about missing string resources caused by integration of IAccessible2 implementation [Michael Meeks]
* {{i|117718}} Assertion "no filter for storage found" [Michael Meeks]
* {{i|117719}} Assertion "Class: String, Id 361. Cannot load resource!" [Michael Meeks]
* {{i|117721}} Assertion "No medium is provided!" [Michael Meeks]
* {{i|117723}} Assertion "printer created" [Michael Meeks]
* {{i|117783}} Printer properties ignored from macros [Michael Meeks]
* {{i|117943}} Copying Writer text through clipboard loses attributes [Michael Meeks]
* {{i|117955}} crash saving doc file [Michael Meeks]
* {{i|118012}} OpenOffice.org crashes when deleting several rows conditionally formated [Michael Meeks]
* {{i|118160}} Replace lp_solve for Calc's linear solver [Michael Meeks]
* {{i|118485}} Styles for OLEs are not saved [Michael Meeks]
* {{i|118505}} Remove MN_OLE_OBJECT menu item from Draw/Impress contextmenu [Michael Meeks]
* {{i|118524}} Activated scaled/sheared OLEs do not behave well when changing their ObjectArea [Michael Meeks]
* {{i|118525}} Rotated/Sheared OLEs are not handled correctly in slideshow [Michael Meeks]
* {{i|118546}} CPU 100% on switched off AutoCalculate with Conditional Formatting on date values [Michael Meeks]
* {{i|118572}} remove ui string and help content regarding usage of Java Mail for Mail Merge [Michael Meeks]
* {{i|118662}} IP clearance: Replace and remove BerkeleyDB library [Michael Meeks]
* {{i|118696}} No refresh when Sheet tab color is changed by API [Michael Meeks]
* {{i|118697}} Impossible to reset a tab color to Default by API [Michael Meeks]
* {{i|118735}} matrix/vlookup formulars can freeze oo [Michael Meeks]
* {{i|118747}} Sheet tab color get lost after copy/move sheet cross document [Michael Meeks]
* {{i|118760}} split the first table cell vertically,then undo&redo, the presentation app will crash [Michael Meeks]
* {{i|118771}} Sheet tab color lost on Undo/Redo with sheets transferred from other document [Michael Meeks]
* {{i|118804}} Export file as bmp, change "Resolution", the result is not correct [Michael Meeks]
* {{i|118876}} [From Symphony] Create summary slide in .odp file which has expanded blank slides in,there is a crash. [Michael Meeks]
* {{i|118898}} OOO Draw adds 1 pixel in width and height when you copy something into buffer from it [Michael Meeks]
* {{i|118921}} Linked sheet color is not correct after reload action if source sheet color get changed [Michael Meeks]
* {{i|118927}} Undo/Redo "Update Link" does not reset sheet tab color [Michael Meeks]
* {{i|118954}} Chart data will lost after copy to different file [Michael Meeks]
* {{i|119141}} IP clearance: replace ISCII<->Unicode tables [Michael Meeks]
* {{i|163566}} mib19: # do not throw assertion if container is not available [Christian Lippka]
* {{i|164376}} dr78: # oox import performance: step 2 - move every access to XCell [Daniel Rentz [dr]]
* {{i|164410}} calcvba: # improve VBA compatibility implementation in various areas: [Daniel Rentz [dr]]
* {{i|18737}} spellcheck rejects uppercase version of word after lowercase added (capitalization) [László Németh]
* {{i|20878}} Q-PCD Show spaces at end of a wrapped line in Writer [Michael Meeks]
* {{i|25473}} API: sw.ParagraphStyle::XMultiPropertyStates [Michael Stahl]
* {{i|50343}} Text animation "Fly In from Left": Text smoothing is not working. [Katarina Behrens]
* {{i|71453}} Excel import BIFF2: Missing font attributes [Daniel Rentz [dr]]
* {{i|75279}} improvement for BINOMDIST [Eike Rathke [er]]
* {{i|76119}} implement client-side, optional logging in SDBC/X drivers [Michael Stahl]
* {{i|88880}} Adding/linking slide from other presentation with drag 'n drop from Navigator does not work [Andre Fische]
* {{i|96587}} Notes API does not support text formatting [Daniel Rentz [dr]]
* {{lp|527938}} use new-style service and session installer in bibliography [Bjoern Michaelsen]
* {{rhbz|826526}} cannot import pdf 1-5 format with encrypted sections in otherwise unprotected document [Stephan Bergmann]
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