[Libreoffice-qa] Minutes - QA Call 2012/11/30

Joel Madero jmadero.dev at gmail.com
Wed Dec 5 11:34:08 PST 2012

*Time Start: 1405 UTC

Participants: Bjoern, Joel, Florian, Petr
     +Another participant was present, apologies for not getting name

*Completed Action Items
         -Invitation to participate after submitting a bug [Rob]
         -Basic triage instructions (BSA linked to this page) [Joel & Petr]
         -Renamed 3.7 master to 4.0 master and moved bugs [Joel]

*Pending Action Items
         -Old Bugs (6+ months, no activity) Options
             *Concern that really old bugs are no longer bugs any longer 
on current releases but that they were fixed independent of the bug and 
therefore never marked as               RESOLVED → FIXED
             *New White Board Status Possible (Inactive)
             *Lower Priority Automatically
                 -Problems with this, not a good option
             *Using Enhancement Status More
                 -Concern that bugs might be listed as Enhancement 
             *Any option will require communication with bug submitter 
to ask for further testing
             *This isn't an urgent matter and any solution should be 
well thought out before implementing
         -Identifying Most Active Bugs
             *Similar to the heat meter which Canonical uses for bugs
             *Joel is going to play around with FDO and see if there's 
any way we can do something similar internally

     +Bugzilla OpenID Alternatives
         -OpenID is not an option
             *Bjoern will discuss with Tolef to find out if there are 
           *Possibilities include GoogleID, Facebook, Twitter
         -Goal to have one authenticator is unlikely to occur
             *Florian is a big fan of Google Login
             *Rob discussed during hackfest, said sounds good should be 
             *Joel will email Rob for Update

     +Twitter Feed
         -Twitter feed to announce bug fixes (great for 
marketing/getting more volunteers involved)
             *Bjoern researching this, will ping Florian about this
         -Note that there is a max per hour for tweets but we shouldn't 
hit this limit

         -Punt until after release of version 4.0

     +Hard Hacks
         -Keep an eye out for hard hacks
         -Joel add 57619

*New Items
         -Meetbot is set up and Bjoern/Joel played around with it, 
weren't quite comfortable enough to use it yet
         -Not very functional for making agendas
         -Minutes uploaded to TDF server, not Wiki
             *Joel will link to documents from wiki
         -Goal to try during next QA Call

     +Funding Wish List
         -Discussed Marc's funding wish list 
         -Going to be a limited funding request because most larger 
items paid for, just need volunteers to implement
         -QA Travel Expenses
             *Travel expenses not paid separate from main fund, no need 
to request
         -FDO Improvements
             *Possibly pay someone through a contract to implement some 
of Rainer's list of improvements to FDO
             *Bjoern will go through list and prioritize them, try to 
come up with amount
         -Prizes/Thank You's for most active QA volunteers
             *Possible, need to discuss more and come up with concrete plan

     +Leadership Structure/”Board of QA”
         -First thing has to be getting call right and getting more 
people involved
         -Question about if we need a board at all is still up in the air
         -Joel will announce next Call to user list as a test to see how 
it goes

+Triage Contest
     -General agreement that this is a good idea
     -Date is a concern, right after final release of 4 might be good 
because a lot of people are excited about the release
     -Bjoern will talk to TDF Board about money
     -Joel will start creating a wiki
     -Next meeting we will discuss more details
     -Talk to Cor Nouws & Italo Vignoli about their experience
http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/QA/BugHunting_Session_3.5.0.-1 for 

*To Do List

         -See if we can get some “heat meter” internally with what is 
available on FDO
         -Make wiki for triage contest
         -Contact Rob about localized BSA
         -Announce next QA call on user list
         -Add hard hack
         -Get comfortable with meetbot

         -OpenID Alternatives
         -Twitter Feed
         -Go through FDO list to see if we can pay someone to implement 
         -Discuss money with TDF for triage contest

Time End: 1505 UTC

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