Building LibreOffice for Android

Naser Sharifi sharifinaser at
Thu Dec 6 13:38:01 PST 2012

Hi Tor, All,

Firstly, Thank you for the response and the useful pointers.

What we really need is more people who are able to build the code and
> work on improving it (especially the Android-specific Java layer)
> themselves. You need to be running Linux or Mac OS X as Windows is not
> suited for building LibreOffice for Android. Clone our "core" git
> repository and learn how to build LibreOffice for your native platform
> first. And then build for Android: Read README.cross and
> README.Android. Join our development IRC channel and ask for advice;
> best during European working hours and evenings.
> I just submitted a patch ( with just
a little feature. I noticed that there is a lot to do both in terms of
improving the current code and adding features/functionality. I am very
eager to continue working on it. While I explore the LibreOffice
infrastructure and code base, things become clearer to me and I will
hopefully contribute something substantial eventually. Meanwhile, I would
appreciate if there is anything (android-wise) I should be aware while I
explore the code base particularly.

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