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Hi Vishv,

On Sun, 2012-12-09 at 18:55 +0530, Vishv Brahmbhatt wrote:
> I am Vishv Brahmbhatt. I am a student of Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of
> Information and Communication Technology(DA-IICT),India.

	Welcome ! :-)

> I am new to the open source community and LibreOffice community. I am
> very much interested in contributing to the community and also work
> for the LibreOffice in  GSOC.

	Sounds great.

> I have a keen interest in the UI development,so please guide me how
> can I start contributing to LibreOffice.

	This is a great question. Prolly the best thing to get stuck into just
now is the effort to re-draw all of our dialogs to improve the
underlying technology used; you can read about it here:
	You'll initially need to install a Linux system, and get glade working
in order to re-draw the relevant dialogs: do you have that ? after that
getting a build is rather useful - can you poke at:

	For instructions there ? again Linux is the easiest environment to get
setup and building.

	Looking forward to your contributions !

	All the best,


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