Reworking the MSVC-related build options

Enrico Weigelt enrico.weigelt at
Wed Dec 12 14:25:08 PST 2012


> Anyway, about killing the --directx-home option, even if that is
> done,
> that does not mean having and building against the DirectX SDK (June
> 2010, or some earlier version) would be mandatory. It would just mean
> that if the standard DXSDK_DIR environment variable does not exist,
> then DirectX use is not built, i.e. like --disable-directx.

>From packager side I'd strongly recommend against such magic logic,
as it hurts reproducability. Instead all options affecting the build
output should be available as ./configure flags.

So my suggestion is:

* --enable-/--disable-directx should really force building with/without directx.
  default enabled is probably the best choice).
* only if it's enabled, check for the dxsdk. using an environment
  variable instead of separate flag is fine, IMHO, as long as
  that variable is properly documented in ./configure --help output.
* when enabled, but no proper dxsdk found, ./configure fails w/ a
  proper error message

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