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Hi Astron, all

Em 14-12-2012 14:53, Stefan Knorr (Astron) escreveu:
> Sorry to rain on the parade here .. but is there some good reason why
> we need this feature?

That was, very likely, the same question people at Mozilla asked when
they saw it beeing cooked for FFox... but then, a few month after
release, they got tens of thousands of Personas.

Many users like to put fancy ringtones in their mobiles, and we all know
people put ringtones not for themselves but for *you/we/us/they* to
"listen how fancy is my ringtone, dude!".

Admitedly, this Personas stuff won't add a bit in performance or solve
any MAB, but if correctly worked by our MarCom at release time, it will
make a hit in terms of branding, not to make sure we look prettier than
others (includes Microsoft) not to say that we may hear some rumbling
drums around the teepees.

And at the same time I am +1 to replace the tedious, tasteless
application background (grey shade) by a user-choice bitmap...

Full personalization is a trend I believe people want for their personal
stuff. They want to convey a message to their social environment.

Kind regards
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