lightproof and python3.3 (was: Re: [Grammar checking] Using LanguageTool lexicons with Lightproof) new possible

Rene Engelhard rene at
Mon Dec 17 08:00:32 PST 2012


On Wed, Dec 05, 2012 at 11:17:21AM +0100, Németh László wrote:
>    By the way, I have ported the lightproof modules to Python 3.3, but it
>    seems, there is a registration issue with the bundled dictionary packages
>    with Lightproof components (unfortunately, I couldn't test it yesterday,
>    because the daily build had a missing library problem on Ubuntu), so I
>    will write soon.

What is the status on this?

I have
 - a beta1 build with a python3-uno built against system python3.3
   (snapshot from weekend is bad, too)
 - lightproof-libreoffice-en. Based on latest git of, so *with* the
   "python3.3 port"
   (both also availale at
 - python3.3 as of Debian experimental ( and

and I do still get the unknown state of the lightproof extensions when
I install them.

Interestingly, when I installed 4.0.0 beta1 _for Windows_ in a VM it

(3.6.4-1 and lightproof of 2012-11-23 - before the python 3.3 fixes - do
also work just fine)



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