Question cppcheck reports on svx/source/svdraw/svdoedge.cxx (Bezier curve)

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Wed Dec 19 15:00:49 PST 2012


Cppcheck detected this into svx/source/svdraw/svdoedge.cxx
[svdoedge.cxx:1450]: (style) Variable 'pPt1' is assigned a value that is
never used.
[svdoedge.cxx:1453]: (style) Variable 'pPt4' is assigned a value that is
never used

Here are the lines:
   1450             pPt1=&aXP1[0];
   1451             pPt2=&aXP1[1];
   1452             pPt3=&aXP1[nPntAnz-2];
   1453             pPt4=&aXP1[nPntAnz-1];
   1454             pPt2->X()-=dx1/3;
   1455             pPt2->Y()-=dy1/3;
   1456             pPt3->X()-=dx2/3;
   1457             pPt3->Y()-=dy2/3;
and Opengrok:

Either pPt1 and pPt4 assignations may really be removed or a change must be
done here.

Any idea?


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