LibreOffice no longer works with Windows 1252 encoding ?

Fernand Vanrie sos at
Thu Dec 20 05:41:03 PST 2012

Maybe not the right forum ?
but is this new encoding behaviour intentional or a issue ?
since 3.6.3 LO no longer shows correctly non-standard-ascii characters 
with text imported from a database using Windows 1252 encoding(during 
the import), UTF-8 encoding now works fine but gives problems when 
exporting to PDF.

Older an recent files with text imported with a Windows 1252 encoding 
give problems when exporting to PDF,
Some fonts like Futura Sdt (Opentype)  has only  the  "Latin 1252" code 
page and do not shows up when opening in a standard PDF viewer an do not 
print when using a PDF engine.
the Adobe Viewers gives the famous  error "Can not extract the embedded 
fond 'FAAAAA+FuturaStdMedium' some characters........"
We found this behaviour  on Windows XP machines, PDF exported on Windows 
7 do not have this problem ?

The faulty PDF export is a regression starting from  LO 3.6.3 and also 
present in LO 3.4 beta.

ok: Window XP is a ending story, but maybe someone has the same problems 
with non-Windows machines



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