typographic freaks: footnotes not vertically aligned to last line of body text in following page (as in good typographic style)

Németh László nemeth.lacko at gmail.com
Fri Dec 21 01:36:00 PST 2012

Hi, Thanks for your bug report (

Unfortunately, there is no justified vertical alignment in LibreOffice.

You can solve this problem with correct page space height (and removing the
extra spaces between the paragraphs). For example, 12 pt body text and 50
lines need 12 * 1.15 (default factor of the line height in LibreOffice) *
50 = 690 pt = 690/72 = 9.583". Set the page margins to leave 9.584" for the
page space, and the footnote and the body text will be aligned correctly.
Use also register-true body text (see page and paragraph settings) and
frames anchored to the top or the bottom of the page space.

To simplify this process, I suggest a new behavior in the page setting
dialog: checking the register-true check box or modification its reference
style could “round” margin heights for the correct (“register-true”) page
space size. Using the 12 pt reference style of the previous example, 2-2 cm
top and bottom margins of an A4 page (21 cm x 29,70 cm) will be
~0.5mm-0.5mm narrower automatically:

((29.7/2.54)*72 - 12*1.15 * round((((29.7-2*2)/2.54)*72)/(12*1.15)))/72*2.54
instead of 4 cm.

This little modification (1.94-1.94 cm top and bottom margins instead of
2-2cm in this example) will eliminate the big justification problem of the
page text and the footnotes and frames anchored to the page text area.
Other UI option is a new button for this task.


2012/12/19 siren <anna.walker-bodm8kzw at yopmail.com>

> in these months Libreoffice gained new useful features and  team has fixed
> many long-time-unsolved bugs
> but there is a thing that, if we cannot strictly to define as a BUG, is,
> at least, a  "defect" regarding the right typography
> I mean the behavior of footnotes versus the text body contained in
> subsequent pages
> professionally formatted books, look like this
> http://tli.tl/m2507H
> as you can see, footnotes (last footnote) are perfectly vertically aligned
> with the last line of text in following page
> http://tli.tl/0740NZ (zoom in detail)
> while if we insert a footnote in OpenOffice/Libreoffice, this is what we
> get
> http://tli.tl/2mfCgT
> an horrible difference between footnote and last line of body text that
> result not aligned that makes appereance of documents with footnotes very
> ugly
> if making this enhancement is not too hard, it will be a great step toward
> dtp for LibreOffice
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