storing chart doc on load ?

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at
Sat Dec 22 14:05:00 PST 2012

Hi Markus,

	I was intrigued by your comment in:

commit bb97ecdbcc8d8dafd39e728b21bc68efee4eccbc
Author: Markus Mohrhard <markus.mohrhard at>
Date:   Sat Dec 22 14:19:38 2012 +0100

    storing the chart doc while loading is a bad idea, fdo#57530
    There seems to be no obvious reason why we would need to store the chart
    doc during xls import. The chart test docs don't show any difference
    without this call.

	I was surprised to see some similar things happening with VBA streams
on load (or at least things getting written out again). After a bit of
thought, I assumed that one was so we could re-store the identical input
in the output again if it was not changed: so we could round-trip
features we didn't understand.

	Presumably the same might be useful for OLE objects, but ... I wonder
if it interacts with Tools->Options->Load/Save->Microsoft Office in some
useful way.

	Either way, our whole approach to loading and converting-to-native all
embedded OLE2 streams for charts etc. on load always seemed to me to be
extremely curious / slow ;-) but probably I mis-understood something
quite profoundly: I always wanted to have some time to dig through that
to see what could be safely deferred: clearly rendering WMF previews for
embedded charts for as long as possible would help us on load - but
being able to edit charts is rather useful too ;-)

	All the best over Christmas etc. !


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