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Regina Henschel rb.henschel at
Thu Dec 27 05:20:54 PST 2012

Hi Carmen,

this is the wrong list. This list is for doing actual development. 
Please use users at or 
discuss at to discuss your ideas.
If a feature is really missing, then you should write a feature request 
in our Bugzilla.

Carmen Alonso schrieb:
> LibreOffice developers:
> I am a math teacher who used a lot this suite (on Ubuntu). And I really
> miss in the contextual menutwo commands:
>      - Command to equalize properties (to match the format brush)
>      - An equation editor, like MathType(for me, the better)

Why do you need them in contextual menu? To get a quick access to the 
equation editor, you can customize a toolbar to show the icon. I use the 
standard toolbar for this in all modules. You find the icon in the 
category "Insert". It is the command "Formula", which has a square-root 
as icon.

As far as I know, MathType is not available for Linux systems but only 
for Windows and Mac. Have you already tried the Dmaths extension?

Do you know the "Math Guide"?

> Many colleagues use MS Word for that reason.

If they use a MS Office 2010, an editable exchange is difficult.

> I don't know computer programming so I can not help develop the program.

You need not pogramming to help LibreOffice. We are also seeking for 
people for writing documentations, for translating, for user support, 
for design, for testing ...

Kind regards

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