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Fri Dec 28 11:33:23 PST 2012

Michael Meeks <michael.meeks <at>> writes:

> Hi Donald,
> On Sun, 2012-05-27 at 00:09 +0000, Donald Murray wrote:
> > Caolán McNamara <caolanm at ...> writes:
> > > As with anything, someone needs to actually do it. There are gadzillions
> > > of requests for implementation of things, so if you're in a position to
> > > have a stab at it, then that's the thing to try and do. Even a partial
> > > starter implementation is likely sufficient to get the ball rolling on
> > > any particular topic.
> 	Caolan has the perfect take 
> > Outlining is the most commonly quoted reason for people not giving up using 
> ... < snip extensive promotion of the need for this feature > ...
> 	This is the developers list. It is used by developers to discuss
> development: creating and fixing code, patch review and all sorts of
> developery stuff.
> 	It is not a suitable forum for people to post feature wish-lists. If it
> was we would be deluged in non-actionable and de-motivating E-mail from
> users: all of whom are missing some feature, and/or have some
> suggestion  that in turn would drive away the very developers we are
> seeking to mentor, encourage & assist.
> 	If you wish to be involved in implementing something in this area -
> "even a partial starter implementation" (as Caolan says) - then people
> on the list are more than happy to invest their time to help get you
> productive. If that is your intention, you're much more than welcome
> here - otherwise, please continue the discussion on the discuss list.
> 	Thanks,
> 		Michael.

<Flame off>

I can understand both sides of the problem here, I have seen many blogs from
journalists who support Linux but say that it will never become mainstream until
the developers give the users what the users want regardless whether the
developers like what the users want or not. 

The current situation is like going to a pub who have a Trad Jazz band on,
playing what they like, not what the customers want to hear and The Jazz band
getting upset when all the customers leave. 

We all know that Microsoft's Operating systems still haven't attained what Linux
had years ago, so why do we (Linux users) have to put up with the reverse
situation with applications? 

It is like you developers being forced into developing without using snippets or
syntax checkers, just because Mr Gates has them. Bill uses them so we won't,
just to spite him. Rearrange this to make a meaningful sentence:

Spite cutting off face to nose your your.

The danger here is that I and others would be prepared to pay a reasonable
amount for the features in Libreoffice that we want.

We all know that is the start of a slippery slope. So, here is the deal, you
give us what we want and we will let you use: vi spell nroff troff LatEx awk sed
and the pipe character for your word processing.

Just a thought

<Flame on>

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