When the software using SDK is started, Calc under operation is an abnormal end.

Miday Miday at info.email.ne.jp
Sat Dec 29 05:02:42 PST 2012


I contributes for the first time.

I released the software which operates by Ubuntu.
This software processes the data copied from Calc.
This software referred to DocumentLoader.cxx of example and was created.
LibreOffice SDK and gtk is used.

This software is displaying and creating the book of Calc.
I want to create book by un-displaying.
When Calc has already started, if this software creates a book by 
un-displaying, Calc will carry out an abnormal end.

Execution environment used as the error which I checked.
   OS: Ubuntu 12.04 32bit / 10.04 64bit(or other version)
   LibreOffice 3.5.6rc2 / /
   Java: Sun Microsystems Inc. 1.6.0_24
     (In the case of Ubuntu 12.04 32bit/10.04 32bit/10.04 64bit 
   memory: 1GB

Results of an investigation and a draft amendment were registered into 
bugzilla.(Bug 58859)

In addition, I does not necessarily understand program structure etc.
The contents which I pointed out are not necessarily right.
If a problem is in the software which I created, I want you to point it out.

Please verify.

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