Wrong indentation which leads to segfault in sc/source/ui/docshell/docfunc.cxx

John LeMoyne Castle lemoyne.castle at gmail.com
Mon Dec 31 17:29:41 PST 2012

If only I could *always* read well  ... and I didn't second guess myself so
easily ... 

The stack trace from 47466 - Crash occurring in Windows 64bit versions... 


>::const_iterator::operator*+0x35 [c:\program files\microsoft visual studio
9.0\vc\include\xtree @ 264]

>::iterator::operator*+0xf [c:\program files\microsoft visual studio
9.0\vc\include\xtree @ 466]
[d:\losrc\3553\sc\source\ui\docshell\docfunc.cxx @ 3739]
[d:\losrc\3553\sc\source\ui\view\viewfun2.cxx @ 1575]
Is almost identical to yours.  

You HAVE reproduced fdo#47466.

The iterator functions appear to paper over the access at itr.end()
everywhere except 1) Windows 64bit where it crashes and 2) your cppcheck
which has replaced the standard iterator with a safe iterator, if I am not
mistaken.   But really the unasked for width adjustments people see could be
the result of an uncaught exception shortcutting all the rest of the
width/height fix, etc so format does not get restored to fixed width and
height during the AutoFormat.   Bubbling exception from this could also help
explain the report of related undo failures after the errant width/height
change as in 
fdo# 34552   EDITING: Calc loses row height value when modifying a cell  
 -- if it skips out from the point of the missing braces then it will fail
to record the undo info for the width height change and that could cause the
behavior there

And maybe even other bugs if calls to this AutoFormat function are involved
there ... 
Like   https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=57176
Undo of delete of Conditional Formatting works for one cell but fails for
multi-cell (cf. if (bSize) ...) 

On final note, I don't think that 
bool ScDocFunc::AutoFormat( const ScRange& rRange, ... 
will return bSuccess = true under any circumstances.  Just sayin' .... ;-) 

I will seek more bugs and test them before and after the brace insert in the
next few days ...  

Again... looks like a real good catch here.  Gratz and thank you for the

Happy New Year !!!

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