[libreoffice-dev] - ScalcBT.cxx C++ using new uno bootsrap is slow

Rai, Neeraj neeraj.rai at citi.com
Mon Dec 31 08:58:39 PST 2012

Hi Guys,

I tried to modified my original slow example to use array updates (setDataArray) based on the example in the wiki.
When I call setDataArray(arr1), the program terminates with error on screen "***Error couldn't get sheet"
The relevant portion of code is pasted below. I get CellRangeData. I prepare a sequence of sequence and call cellrangedata->setDataArray(SofS)

Would someone be able to point out what is wrong here?

==================== portion of attached code giving me problems:

void fillLines (Reference< XSpreadsheetDocument > myDoc)
    printf("Fill the lines\n");

    Reference < XSpreadsheets > xSheets = myDoc->getSheets() ;
    Reference < XIndexAccess > oIndexSheets ( xSheets, UNO_QUERY);
    Any any = oIndexSheets->getByIndex(0);
    Reference < XSpreadsheet > xSheet ( any, UNO_QUERY);
    //    Reference < XCellRange > xCellRange = xSheet->getCellRangeByPosition (0, 0, X, Y);
    //    Reference < XCellRangeData > xCellRangeData (xCellRange, UNO_QUERY);

    Reference< XModel > rSpreadsheetModel (myDoc, UNO_QUERY);
    Reference< XInterface > rInterface = rSpreadsheetModel->getCurrentSelection();
    Reference< XCellRange > xCellRange(rInterface,UNO_QUERY);
    Reference< XCellRangeData> xCellRangeData(xCellRange, UNO_QUERY);

    Sequence < Sequence < Any > > arr1 (X+1);
    Sequence < Any >              arr2 (Y+1);

    for (int ii=0; ii < 120; ++ii)
            for (int jj=0; jj < X; ++jj)
                    for (int kk=0; kk < Y; ++kk)
                            int val = jj+kk+ii+2;
                            arr2[kk+1] <<= val;
                    arr1[jj+1] = arr2;
            printf("[%d] b4 set data array\n", ii);
            printf("[%d] set data array\n", ii);


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Hi ,

Hope this is the right forum for the question below. If not, please point me in the right direction.

I have written a new version of Scalc.java in C++, this time using UNO bootstrap mentioned in examples/DevelopersGuide/Components/CppComponents.
The last version I wrote used examples/cpp/DocumentLoader and examples/java/Scalc.java. It expected soffice listening on a port and was too slow.

Even this version is not as fast as I would have expected, and I would like to know what may be done to speed it up.
The 500x12 cell updated 120 times in 60sec. I used gettimeofday to measure time for 3 cases writing same amount of data :
A) write 5000 rows of 12 cols                   (~60sec)
B) write 5000x12 entries to a single cell       (~40sec)
C) write 10 rows of 50 cols, 120 times  (~60sec)
If I read a file with 100,000x12 cell from disk, it takes 20 seconds - so I am hopeful that this example can be speeded up.

The box is running RHEL 6.3, 2 cpu with 4 cores and 16GB of RAM.

The attached files can be dropped into any cpp example dir and built. The makefile is copied from DocumentLoaded.
Any pointers/googlable keywords/web links would be highly appreciated.

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