[Libreoffice] default build verbosity

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at suse.cz
Wed Feb 1 05:31:03 PST 2012

On Tuesday 31 of January 2012, Norbert Thiebaud wrote:
> One thing that would mitigate the size of the log in that case would
> be to hide the 'untar' output, even in verbose mode
> (put it is a separate file in misc/logs for instance)
> un-tarring of boost, for instance, account for thousands of line of
> pointless output in verbose mode...
> even better, for gbuild, would be to store the output of each command
> in a file (again logs/xxx) and only display it inn case of problem.

 Or only display the command itself only in case of a problem. That would 
avoid most of the unneeded output and still, I assume, would do and be an 
optimal default.

 Lubos Lunak
 l.lunak at suse.cz

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