[Libreoffice] problem with ScTableSheetsObj::replaceByName

Markus Mohrhard markus.mohrhard at googlemail.com
Wed Feb 1 15:37:16 PST 2012


while writing api tests I found ScTableSheetsObj::replaceByName. The
method should take a name of a sheet and a ScTableSheetObj wrapped
into an uno::Any and then replace the old sheet with the new one.

I identified now several problems in this method. Line 2568 tests that
the ScTableSheetObj does not yet have a ScDocShell which means it is
not yet part of a ScDocument. But as much as I know of calc's design
we can not have a ScTableSheetObj (the uno implementation for a single
sheet) without it being part of a ScDocument. Normally you don't have
access to a ScTable except through a ScDocument and a ScDocument has
either a ScDocShell or should be an undo or copy document.

If this part of my analysis is correct there is right now no way to
use this method without getting an exception. But even if we would be
able to create a ScTableSheetObj that is not part of a
ScDocument/ScDocShell we would be running in the problem that the
method would not do more than deleting the old sheet and inserting a
new empty sheet with the same name.

If all parts of this are correct I suggest that we implement more
something like: delete sheet and then create a copy of the passed
sheet at this place with the new name.


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