[Libreoffice] [PATCH]a better about dialog

Noel Power nopower at suse.com
Thu Feb 2 04:22:27 PST 2012

Hi Barış
On 01/02/12 18:28, Barış Akkurt wrote:
> Hi, everyone.
> This is my first trial of sending a patch for LibreOffice. I worked on 
> this bug: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=31022 My design 
> is not as good as the design by Andrew, but I think it looks better 
> than previous one.
> -Changed the width of the about dialog to look better.
> -added the definition of LibreOffice. "LibreOffice is a free and open 
> source office suite developed by The Document Foundation."
> -Added the Document Foundation and Features links.
> -Removed the OK button, just like Firefox.
looks really nice, I will push it ( or maybe someone else will before me 
) when I get a build to run a quick test on this, the screen shot looks 
> I want to remove the build information and place only the major 
> version info (like 3.5) but i wasn't sure. Maybe, it is a neccessary 
> information.
not sure what the plan is about that, I'm sure someone will comment and 
> By the way, is it possible to make a text bold, italic, heading or 
> different color? Where can i find more info about it?
hmm, not exactly sure, seems the control that contains the text is a 
MultiLineEdit ( which is in turn an Edit ) see 
svtools/inc/svtools/svmedit.hxx. There are methods in there to access 
the TextEngine ( see svtools/inc/svtools/texteng.hxx ) and afaics you 
use the SetAttrib method to apply attributes to a text range. An example 

also if you haven't already can you confirm your contribution is under 
the MPL 1.1 / GPLv3+ / LGPLv3+ license(s)

thanks again


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