[Libreoffice] problem with ScTableSheetsObj::replaceByName

Markus Mohrhard markus.mohrhard at googlemail.com
Thu Feb 2 08:32:22 PST 2012

Hello Eike,

>> while writing api tests I found ScTableSheetsObj::replaceByName. The
>> method should take a name of a sheet and a ScTableSheetObj wrapped
>> into an uno::Any and then replace the old sheet with the new one.
>> I identified now several problems in this method. Line 2568 tests that
>> the ScTableSheetObj does not yet have a ScDocShell which means it is
>> not yet part of a ScDocument. But as much as I know of calc's design
>> we can not have a ScTableSheetObj (the uno implementation for a single
>> sheet) without it being part of a ScDocument. Normally you don't have
>> access to a ScTable except through a ScDocument and a ScDocument has
>> either a ScDocShell or should be an undo or copy document.
> It seems (didn't check for the specific service name, there ought to be
> some table somewhere) one can create a sheet instance via
> ScModelObj::createInstance() that doesn't have a ScDocShell, at least
> there's a comment in ScCellRangesBase ctors of which ScTableSheetObj is
> derived that mentions createInstance. In fact all ScCellRangesBase
> methods check for pDocShell.
>> If this part of my analysis is correct there is right now no way to
>> use this method without getting an exception. But even if we would be
>> able to create a ScTableSheetObj that is not part of a
>> ScDocument/ScDocShell we would be running in the problem that the
>> method would not do more than deleting the old sheet and inserting a
>> new empty sheet with the same name.
> Well, yes, that seems to be the outcome ;)
>> If all parts of this are correct I suggest that we implement more
>> something like: delete sheet and then create a copy of the passed
>> sheet at this place with the new name.
> Um.. how would you create the copy?

Through ScDocShell::TransferTab with bInsertNew = true. That is the
same as a copy in the dialog. The only arguments against this idea is
that we do exactly this in ScTableSheetsObj::importSheet already.

Any better ideas for that?


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