[Libreoffice] [REVIEW]Bug 34425 - [EasyHack] formatting background color toolbar button

Winfried Donkers W.Donkers at dci-electronics.nl
Fri Feb 3 06:23:35 PST 2012

> Stefan Knorr (Astron) wrote
>So, do you think there's a chance you could implement the same behaviour for
>* Background Colour in Writer
>* Font Colour in Calc?

I should expect the behaviour for background color in Writer to be there already (that is, font background colour) as I use the same control (SvxFontColorExtToolControl). Or don't I understand you?
I have tried to implement the behaviour for font colour in Calc, but didn't succeed. The handling in case of font colour in ScFormatShell::ExecuteAttr() (formatsh.cxx) is that much different from the handling in case of background colour, that I was not able to find the correct calls to set the font colour to a value. Should I receive usefull hints, I am quite willing to implement the same behaviour for font colour too.


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