New tool for better understanding the codebase, to complement the wiki.

Josh Heidenreich josh.sickmate at
Fri Feb 3 18:55:05 PST 2012

Mike, *,

>        What would be really sexy (apart from getting your script running on a
> TDF server and linked from the wiki etc. etc.) - would be if we could
> transfer what little information we have from the Code_Overview into
> README files. Any chance you could clone the git repo from freedesktop,
> and send a git diff with that text in README files ?

The plan was now to write/improve the READMEs to make sense, and to
get content from the wiki, reading the code, etc.

The format the script currently uses is:
First parahraph - shown on index.
Whole text - when you click on a module

> module configmgr has configmgr/source/README, so either improve the script
> or move the file...  :)

I'll fix that when I do the tasks above.


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