[PUSHED][PATCH] Remove unused code

Ivan Timofeev timofeev.i.s at gmail.com
Sun Feb 5 05:00:25 PST 2012

Hi Elton,

thanks for your patch; I tweaked it a bit and then pushed.

1. ScVbaWorksheet( const css::uno::Reference< ov::XHelperInterface >& 
xParent,  const css::uno::Reference< css::uno::XComponentContext >& 
xContext );
is *not* unused, we can see it at least in 

Caolan, what do you think, why it was listed in unusedcode.easy?

2. ScVbaCommandBarControl ctor, that was removed in the patch, is 
actually used, it seems you mixed up these two overloaded ctors. :) I 
fixed that.


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