[ANNOUNCE] Changes to the build system: Env.Host.sh is dead so is the need to source the environment

Norbert Thiebaud nthiebaud at gmail.com
Sun Feb 5 17:42:14 PST 2012

HI all,

I have pushed a series of commit that completely remove set_soenv.in
and the creation of Env.Host.sh/Env.Build.sh

The following wiki page give some explanations:

in a nutshell:

For 'user'

Env.Host.sh is no more
All the environment is in config_host.mk. this file is _not_
sourceable, but is included in the appropriate makefiles.

if you do full build, nothing changes. To do partial build there is no
need to cd to the module directory. Now you can (and for dmake module
you must) do:
make <module>
make <module>.clean
from the root directory.

for dmake module you can also do:
make <module>.deliver

If you have the need to run a specific command that is not covered by
the standard target, but need to have all the environment variable
set, you can do:
make cmd cmd="<command to run>"

in doubt do:
make help

for 'dev'
set_soenv.in is removed. all config forwarding is done in
config_host.mk.in which is _not_ a shell-script but a Makefile part.
please keep config_host.mk.in in alphabetical order

All configuration logic must be in configuration.in


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