How far can the LO file's contents be stretched?

Johannes Sixt j6t at
Mon Feb 6 12:43:35 PST 2012

Am 06.02.2012 09:49, schrieb Norbert Thiebaud:
> On Mon, Feb 6, 2012 at 2:34 AM, Stephan Bergmann <sbergman at> wrote:
>> On 02/05/2012 09:50 PM, Johannes Sixt wrote:
>>> 1. Is the order of the files in the ZIP archive important?
>> Yes.
>> <>:
>> "The 'mimetype' file shall be the first file of the zip file."
> you should be able to work around that by using 2 git-archive one to
> archive mimetype and another one to 'update' the zip with the rest,
> hopefully mimetype would still be in front.

Thanks for the pointer, but I'm not trying to generate a conforming
file, just something that LO can import back without loss of information.

> otehr wise you'd have to write your own git-archive, which should not
> be _that_ hard... If you serach in teh git history of git, I'm pretty
> sure at some point that was implemented as a shell script....

Nope, git-archive was always a C program. ;)

-- Hannes

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