[Libreoffice] [REVIEW][3-{4, 5}] fdo#45446 fdo#45449 fdo#45450 fdo#45534: various invalid ODF problems

Noel Power nopower at suse.com
Tue Feb 7 03:05:16 PST 2012

I seem to have invalidated all my build trees, while waiting I saw this 
unreviewed so to me these look good and make sense, however I don't mark 
this thread as pushed yet, still awaiting local builds ( for 3.4 I had 
to manually tweak as git am didn't like some fuzz and some other minor 
difference so better to wait to see whether I screwed it up or not )

On 02/02/12 13:49, Michael Stahl wrote:
> hi all,
> these fixes for invalid ODF produced by LO should go into
> libreoffice-3-4 and libreoffice-3-5:
> fdo#45449
> 0b7bba10208d198471cbdb56c2007e5cdb00a6ac
> fdo#45450
> 790365e79d28e2c2a41140707ac126dbf6966e38
> fdo#45534
> 6c15b856242127ddca766da700002489ba287e21
pushed to 3.4 & 3.5
> this one should go into -3-5, i'm not sure if we want to have it in -3-4
> as well, as it does create a minor new backward incompatibility, and i'm
> not sure if that is appropriate at this point in 3.4 lifecycle:
> e2bc0c04ba0c33e02f1842013041f26ccb2de77d
I only pushed this to 3.5, maybe Petr has an opinion on 3.4 ( but I was 
too scared ) ;-)


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