Lots of module READMEs; libs-core, libs-gui, components, filter, base, calc

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at suse.com
Wed Feb 8 03:24:23 PST 2012

Hi Josh,

On Wed, 2012-02-08 at 17:24 +1030, Josh Heidenreich wrote:
> Cool so I'm re-running the tool again at the moment, but it will be
> done in a couple of minutes.

	Nice work :-)

> You can see the result here:
> http://thejosh.info/libreoffice/module_readmes/

	Looks lovely; incidentally - if you parse the first line of the
*/prj/build.lst files - it gives you a dependency list of the modules
that are required by this module :-) [ though that may go obsolete in
the next year or so ]. Might be interesting to provide to give a flavour
of whether a package is a leaf-node ? etc.

	I really like the links to cgit, it starts to make it rather nicely
integrated :-) It makes me wonder if we should have some nice syntax for
cross-module linking (or simplified file path links that can be turned
into cgit URLs) in the README's themselves ;-) [ if it's not broken, it
doesn't have enough features yet ].

	As another wish - I wonder if we can link modules into the
http://docs.libreoffice.org/ doxygen documentation (that is if they have
any) - and assuming that is even the up-to-date place to find things :-)

	Anyhow, you inspired me to add and expand a few more READMEs myself,
hope that helps a bit.

	I imagine that a lot of the 'libfoo' things missing READMEs, can be
populated with information from the download pages, and a quick grep of
*/prj/build.lst to see which modules use them. There was also some
one-liner descriptions of some of that stuff here:


	in the past :-)

	Really encouraged by your work, good stuff,

	Thanks !


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