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Wed Feb 8 06:15:57 PST 2012

Thank you so much on the clarification. I was trying to get myself involve
in the project development.

At the very beginning step is to get myself familiar with the code base by
working on the bug fixes, but the project is too huge and kind of lose
where should I start. Since I have been using a lot of word and calc, thus
I was planning to start from Calc "project". Initially I really though it
was a separate project like Word "project", Calc "project", Draw "project",
and many many more "project", adding  them together will have a big project
called LibreOffice.

My objective is to fix bugs, my though was if I fix a bug in Calc, I should
compile just Calc "project" rather than to compile the whole thing. Should
I compile the whole thing when I fixed a bug in Calc? I heard rumours in
OpenOffice saying that if compile the whole thing will take a long time
(probably took days to compile) if my computer is using core 2 duo
processor. That's why I want to compile individual "project" rather than
compile the whole thing. Anyhow I have i5 with 8GB ram ready, no worry on

According to the Get-Involve Guide, I should check out the core "project".
But when I go browse the repo, I saw many other "subproject", and then each
branch will have sub branches. A little bit confusing because I don't know
which branch I should checkout. So which branch I should check out in order
for me to fix a bug?

In order to compile Calc, any other dependencies "project" I should
checkout as well?

According to the Get-Involve Guide, under the section Build and Run it, it
didn't mention how to compile Calc. Thus I was a little lose here.

THanks @!

On Tue, Feb 7, 2012 at 10:42 PM, Tor Lillqvist <tml at> wrote:

> > I have check out a new copy of calc libreoffice-3-4 project
> There is no separate Calc "project" that one could build. You have
> been mislead by the fact that we used to have the source code split up
> in a bunch of separate Git repositories, one being called "calc". That
> doesn't man one would be able to use just the "calc" repository to
> build just Calc.
> > There are 4 sub project inside calc project.
> There are four *subdirectories*. Your use of the word "project" is
> slightly odd.
> > May I know how should I compile
> > in order to have the calc program up?
> Calc is not a separate program.
> Firstly, before helping you any further, you should tell us what it is
> that you actually want to achieve. Do you want to fix some bug or do
> other improvements? Work on some feature? Or what?
> Only after you have told that can we tell you whether it indeed makes
> sense for you to build LibreOffice 3.4, or whether you should work on
> the upcoming 3.5 version's code, or on the "master" development
> branch. (The source code for these is no longer split up into separate
> Git repositories.)
> Anyway, welcome to working on LibreOffice, and hopefully your initial
> confusion will quickly be resolved and you can get on with hacking!
> --tml
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