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At 15:55 8-2-2012, Michael Meeks wrote:

>On Wed, 2012-02-08 at 13:43 +0100, Stefan Knorr (Astron) wrote:
> > Hehe. Take a look at the amazing mock-up and ideas that Mirek has been
> > working on for a while now:
> >
>         They look nice :-)
> > (No, none of this is perfectly specced out yet, but there's some
> > pretty cool stuff there.)
>         So - one thing that I (personally) rather dislike is this "bold /
>italic / underline" meme that still lurks heavily in new UI designs.
>IMHO these need to be firmly held underwater until they expire ;-)

Thanks a lot for highlighting this Michael. I also wish this wicked 
witch were dead.

>mockups around making styles more visible and manageable, creating (and
>customizing) new styles [ which can indeed include the
>bold/italic/underline elements ;-] much appreciated for that.

Last month there was a short thread on the LibreOffice-design list 
about how the UI of LibreOffice could be modified to encourage the 
correct use of styles (as opposed to ad-hoc styling). (The thread 
started at 
We should continue thinking about this.

>         Otherwise, some good ideas there. Do we have excitable people wanting
>to do UI work in Java - that we can plug together with the core in due
>course ? it'd be great to parallelise that work.

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