[PATCH]bug 44516 improved label and business card document creation

Winfried Donkers W.Donkers at dci-electronics.nl
Wed Feb 8 23:03:45 PST 2012

The patch itself is not attached to this mail (size 1.2MB), but attached to the bug itself.
The patch file is so large because the file labels.xcu has almost all lines changed.
This patch addresses problems that were not solved with patch 36874.

Changes made in the patch:
-added page width and page height to label definitions, as the definitions were
not complete (page size could not be determined from definitions). Removed some
obsolete label definitions after consulting the manufacturer. Also added a
legend (should anyone wish to add new current label defintions) and made layout
consistent throughout the file (Labels.xcu);
-added page width and page size to label wizard and business card wizard and
label dimension dialog (all files);
-added conversion of old-style custom label definitions (labelcfg.cxx);
-improved frame calculation - because of rounding off, situations were possible
for the labels not to fit on the paper (e.g. 3 labels 70mm wide on a row of A4
paper (210mm wide)resulted in 3 frames of 3969TWIPs (totals 11907TWIPs) on a
paper onlt 11906TWIPs wide (applab.cxx);
-improved frame space handling - the gaps between labels are right/lower spaces
of the frame, so that frames can be put on the document next to each other when
creating the document. However, when the gap between labels is larger than the
right/lower margin of the page, the labels will not fit on the page. I removed
the right space for the right colum of labels and the lower space for the
bottom row of labels. I used 4 different drames for this as I could not make it
work with one frame and changing left/lower space attribute. (applab.cxx);
-removed fix24445 as i could not determine any positive effect of this code


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